NORTHEL Mekatronik


Under the light of our experience and knowledge, we aim at providing clean, environment-friendly, quality energy and creating added value in the areas of economy, environment, society and policy. Examine the goals.


Renewable energy | A new World
To be the company which will change Energy vision of Turkey.


The future of the energy
Creating sustainable added value by providing use of Electro mechanic Systems in Clean Energy
Sector the most widely.
AyvalıkYEP / Ayvalık Yenilenebilir Enerji Paneli

AyvalıkYEP / Ayvalık Yenilenebilir Enerji Paneli

Nis 12, 2018Haberler

12 Nisan günü, Northel​ Baş Tasarımcısı ve Kurucumuz Sayın Cem YALÇIN ile Satış-Pazarlama Müdürümüz Sayın

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Northel, BURKİNA FASO teknik heyetine eğitim verdi

Northel, BURKİNA FASO teknik heyetine eğitim verdi

Nis 02, 2018Haberler

Northel, TİKA desteği ile Yenilenebilir Enerji Genel Müdürlüğü ev sahipliğinde, BURKİNA FASO teknik heyetine rüzgar

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Northel was founded in 1993 and started R&D works in order to develop wind turbine technologies as of 2003. Northel introduced the first wind turbine, 3 kW rated power for a radio link in Söke and further, realized more than 100 projects with similar rated power.


For Northel innovation is an important starting point. Ideas are assessed and developed in common sense at Northel. For Northel, competition is to put forward innovations which will create added value and staying inside the borders of ethic.


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